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1. Lay in - rough sketch using thinned raw umber

3. Painted in wall with gradient of blue/grey

4. Painted in some of mantle with yellow/grey

5. Struggled with getting darks dark enough

6. Began on colour for pots

7. Darkened darks once dried a little

8. Put in colour of 2 more pots

11.  Nearly finished!  Needed to ground the cream jug more with shadow as it looked quite floaty.  Also darkened shadow of mantelpiece detail. Sometimes its hard to know when to stop!  It took approximately 1 month to get from No. 1 to this stage.

9. Jug detail (floating on bottom left)

12.  Pretty much there.  Waiting 6 months for it to dry before I can varnish and frame it.

2. Lay in - increased contrast with white & black

10. This looked rubbish until the very last blob of paint! tel: +44 (0) 7795 565853 london. uk